Calligraphy – the art of beautiful handwriting

A well-known fact is that writing is a good form of communication especially if you want to express your ideas effectively. It is much easier to select more sophisticated words which will help you to describe your feelings.

Imagine that you would be able not only to share your thoughts with clarity but also to convert words into art.

Calligraphy (from Greek καλλιγραφία (kalligraphía) – ‘beautiful writing’) is a timeless art of creating beautiful, elegant, and often decorative handwriting using a combination of illustration and drawing.

It has been practiced for centuries in many different cultures around the world when it was used for religious manuscripts and official documents. There are many different styles (Chinese, Arabic, Western calligraphy, etc.) that have their own set of concrete and specific rules and techniques.

Nowadays you can try your hand at calligraphy and see how this ancient art form can enrich your life and help you cultivate a deeper sense of mindfulness and creativity. How to do that?

  • You can watch calligraphy tutorials for beginners – just visit YouTube or other platforms with video guides;
  • You can download free PDF exercise sheets which will help you to practice the concrete alphabet;
  • You can follow professionals on social media who create beautiful and helpful content (tips and tricks);
  • Of course, you can buy hand lettering sets – they contain exercise books, specific pens, brushes and paper.

The most important advice I have read and received in the area from calligraphy masters is to take one step at a time. It is much better to spend 10 minutes practicing this new skill every day instead of searching for 2 hours of free time in your busy monthly schedule. If you are interested in gaining new knowledge, you should be persistent and dedicated to it.

Good luck and let`s create more personal and creative letters for every occasion in our life.


Source: History of Calligraphy

Iveta Kraleva

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