Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Message for Brighter Future

Since 1985 we accept October as a month during which all of the people, doctors, organizations try to increase the awareness of the disease and to raise funds for different researches in the area.

How to increase awareness? Is there anything we can do better? – the answer is pretty simple. When we talk about breast cancer and all other types of it. When we as a society organize different events in order to explain to each other more about the disease, the prevention, and the treatment.

Breast cancer is treatable when it is detected early.

If you notice something strange happen to your body, do not ignore it. Perform a breast self-exam every month and visit an oncologist every year.

breast cancer awareness month,

Care for yourself and practice good hygiene – eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, rest, and avoid cigarettes and alcohol. Help your body to be strong.

Talk with your friends/family and support the people who are impacted by cancer and who struggle with emotional imbalance.

If you want to share your story and express yourself freely, you can do it also at

The message of the website is heart-warming: ‘Being open about your experiences helps others affected by cancer feel more connected’.


Ministry of Health Republic of Bulgaria

Follow this 5-step guide to check for breast cancer at home

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