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Once upon a time there is one talanted Scottish artist – Katie Paterson – who decided to launch a 100-year artwork, named The Future Library (Framstidsbiblioteket). During 100 years (from 2014 until 2114) 100 writers (one writer per year) will write something special, a book, that will be kept in secret. These future texts will not be published until the specified time – like wine, they will get better with age.

In Economy we observe one interesting business situation when the incomes are equal to the costs. In that cast we do not have profit, but we are not losing anything. In our example about library of future we have almost the same situation. Do you know why? Because in Norway, a thousand trees have been planted already. They formed a forest just outside Oslo. So, we have mission – future library, and we have new resources for it. The nature equilibrium will remain the same.

Let`s understand more things about the writers because their role is really special. The first writer, who wrote in 2014, was Margaret Atwood, one talented and intelligent woman. In an honest interview for the Future Library she said: “Well, I thought it was wonderful idea, so I instantly say yes…That is very optimistic to believe that will be people in a 100 years and that those people will be still reading…” Margaret is a 78-year-old Canadian poet, novelist, essayist and environmental activist.

After Atwood, novelist David Mitchell wrote in 2015. He joked that he was sandwiched between Margaret Atwood and no doubt some shit-hot other writers, so his (handwriting) better be good. He thinks that it is really vain to suppose the scribbling of little old him will be of enduring interest to future generations. He optimistically added in an interview for the Future Library: “Everything is telling us that we are doomed, but the Future Library is a candidate on the ballot paper for possible futures. It brings hope that we are more resilient than we think: that we will be here, that there will be trees, that there will be books, and readers, and civilization.”

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Like a gold, the manuscripts will be kept in a specially designed room in the New Deichmanske Public Library in Oslo which will open in 2019. In it every person will be able to see only the authors` names and titles of their works. For more attractive and amusing look, the library will be lined with wood from the forest. What a pleasure to be close to the nature!

No doubt, out future generations will be glad to see this extraordinary and mysterious project.

Source: Future Library

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