“What steps should entrepreneurs and government take to become more innovative?”

Most people say that entrepreneurship is not a job, but a mindset. One of these people – Peter Drucker, famous management consultant, educator and author, pointed that the true entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.

We live in a time where technology and science have influence on our daily routine. However, these are the most powerful weapons, alongside with education, that can change the world, as quoted by Nelson Mandela. When we open Internet, we see negative questions such as: ‘What is wrong with today`s society’, ‘Why is school not adapted for the young people’, ‘Why some of the young people nowadays feel unconfident to take a risk or change their workplace’, etc. These are not direct questions and have more than one right answer.

These are deep, philosophical and profound queries. From a scientist point of view, we are going to give some basic rules to follow in our attempt to become more positive, innovative and creative. Our goal not only is writing what steps should entrepreneurs and government take to become more innovative, but also is to change the negative statistics when we talk about qualities at young people like bravery, confidence, trust-worthiness, intelligence, etc.

We can differentiate 3 main steps that entrepreneurs and government should take to become more innovative. Above all this one thing they do not have to forget – for this high purpose they should work simultaneously.

1. EDUCATION – 12 years are enough time for a child to understand what its favorite subjects are, to develop and improve its strengths and work on its weaknesses. I think these years should be used more effectively – besides all obligatory subjects like languages, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc., education should include project-based learning. It is well-known that the most famous music platform – YouTube – is launched after such session. The founders have their other work place and duties and have specific time – all to be done in order to pursue their dreams. Just imagine the benefits that our society will acquire – much and more capable and motivated people who had started their career from an early age.

Children will develop analytic and critical thinking skills. Their entrepreneurial spirit will grow increasingly that way. For this purpose, the government and the Ministry of Education should take the initiative. This is not an easy process which can start tonight and finish tomorrow. This is a long-term idea including a lot of specific procedures. There is an appropriate quote which is suitable for end of this part – ‘If you do not build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.’ Tony Gaskins, life coach, speaker and author.

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2. POLITICS – Steve Jobs, one of the most famous entrepreneur and business magnat, once said ‘I am convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.’ This thought is completely true when is based on equal conditions. Having this in mind, I would like to point on the policy that one government should have.

If your country helps you to develop your own business, the entrepreneur feels more confident. The aid must come ‘from the inside’ with the lower fares, custom fees, European project for subsidies, tax amount decrease, etc. For example, according to the U.S. News & World Report`s annual ‘Best Countries’ rankings, the top 10 best countries for entrepreneurs are as follows – Norway, Netherlands, Singapore, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Japan and the winner Germany. These countries have educated population, well-developed infrastructure, legal framework and provide easy access to capital. If entrepreneurship is a chemical compound like H20, these factors above are the building blocks of it.

3. BASIC ADVICE – The Harvard Business Review conducted a survey of founders of enterprises – 141 Harvard Business School alumni and 20 non-MBA – to find out which skills are the most crucial for entrepreneurs. The survey revealed that “the founders need to be management jacks-of-all-trades”. The ability to build a great team was number 1, than came things like leadership, team management, selling and marketing. Without doubt, all these things are important and every person who have aims should follow it. The entrepreneur is a person who reads a lot and learns from its mistakes. We all know that mistakes are stepping stones to learning.

In the public eye, entrepreneur is a man who lives healthy and has big influence on people. However, he has one more important and principal quality – he never doubts his worth.

To sum up, innovation can be defined simply as a ‘new idea, device or method’. I think all these 3 main steps above should be trained from early age if one country wants to have more entrepreneurs with innovative approach.

I suggest that entrepreneurs and government should communicate properly and often enough.


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